“It’s Your Health……Choose your Doctor Wisely”

*The following is not meant to serve as legal or medical advice but is the present understanding and opinion of car accidents in the state of FLORIDA.*


Time is of the essence when it comes to car accident injuries. Prompt medical attention could influence your health and recovery. If you do not know who to call, you can connect with a local doctor with a click of the button on our Doctor Directory page.  DON’T DELAY, GET DIAGNOSED TODAY.

You do not need to call a 1-800 referral service or obtain a third party referral to get treatment for your car accident or slip and fall injuries. You can call a doctor directly.  However, not all doctors accept car accident patients, but all of the doctors in our Doctor Directory do.

Some of the 1-800 referral services recommend that their callers treat at a medical facility that they potentially have an ownership interest in. Knowledge is power and you should research your doctor before accepting treatment from them.

You CAN seek treatment for your car accident injuries WITHOUT hiring an attorney to represent you for the same car accident injuries. Your medical care is not dependent on legal representation.

Your Doctor may have prior work related experiences with local personal injury attorneys. You may ask any of the doctors in our Directory for a personal injury recommendation

Accurate diagnosis, treatment and documentation of your car accident injuries is very important and may influence the VALUE of any potential injury claim. You can find a local qualified doctor in our Doctor Directory.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a type of car insurance policy that is responsible to pay up to $10,000 for medical treatment of your car accident injuries but only if the appropriate medical professional diagnoses you with an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC). Without the EMC diagnosis, your PIP auto insurance policy may limit your medical benefits to $2,500. To learn more about PIP please click on the following link to review the Florida Statute.

When it comes to car accident injuries, your DOCTORS MATTER. It’s Your Health……Choose Your Doctor Wisely.